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Hear What the Community is Saying about YCBC

Testimonials: Testimonials

Another 5th Grader James J. received 5 days of suspension from August to December. Then Yoga started in November, and James had no suspensions until the end of the year.

I recall both students last year outside of their classroom doing stretches you taught them in replacement of challenging behavior.

Geoffrey Munch. M.A.T. BCBA

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to offer my recommendation for Mr. Christian and his team of experts in the YCBC Yoga Group. I have known Mr. Christian and his team for the past five years in a professional capacity as a teacher at Higher Learning Academy. I value their partnership in creating a learning environment conducive to the development of social and emotional skills in my students who truly benefit from their sessions. Their devoted efforts to teach mindful practices of being aware of yourself, your thoughts, your emotions and on how to be present in the here and now assisted my children considerably who needed to build their SEL skills.  

Mr. Christian and his team showed me patience and flexibility when creating our weekly schedule for our yoga sessions. They assisted me when I needed help with certain students whose emotions fluctuated throughout the day and I so appreciated their adaptations to my children’s needs. They also worked collaboratively with our parents to ensure student success.

I absolutely love our continued work with them. They are a valuable partner in expanding Social Emotional Learning in my classroom and here on campus.  I highly recommend them for any future endeavors. 

Geraldine Rector 2nd Grade Teacher 
January 2023

During Mindfulness Teacher Training, I genuinely looked forward to every single session. It was a great way to decompress during the week.  And I also gained a ton of skills that I could then take back to work at school and give to my scholars. I run student council so its a pretty high stress job at times, for me and the scholars. So having those tips and tools in Mindfulness are going to be so helpful during the school year!

I would take any Training that Christian offers!

Julie Lewis ~ Student Support Specialist
October 2022

I wanted to take a moment and sincerely thank you Christian for the work you’ve done with my emotionally driven students, this mindfulness work transcends into their class behaviors as well as their overall self-control.

Kim Arnold, Kinder Teacher 2019

Ja'vell, my fourth grader with management issues, started the yoga program once a week. By the end of the year he became more mindful in class and became one of my most improved students of the year...thanks to what he learned from Christian and his team!

Michaela Thomas. 4th Grade Teacher 2019

Christian's knowledge and respect for yoga surpasses many available programs that I have come across. His unique, supportive and compassionate approach to teaching substantiated my confidence in continuing my yoga journey with him right from the start!

Katy Holdeman - Specialist / Ameriprise Financial

My yoga teacher experience with Christian was one of the best experiences of my life! Not only did I find the best version of myself but I met life long friends! It was so awesome! Christian is truly amazing and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for getting me more into yoga because I had never practiced before and now yoga is basically my WHOLE life.

Mia Evans, Spring 2018 YTT Graduate 

The guidance we all received from Christian was insightful and full of acceptance for wherever we are as individuals on our journey!

Deana Smith, Vice President / Private Banker

Christian's Yoga Teacher Training has added tremendous value to my life. His style of teaching is effortless and he dedicates his full attention to his students and love of yoga. Christian shares his knowledge with joy and always with a willingness to listen. Which always made me feel heard and appreciated.

Mina Lacuesta, Professional Hula Dancer

Christian Devine I can not thank you enough for this opportunity to change my life and share something I love with others... I found my light... I found my voice... I feel so blessed to have been a part of your Yoga Teacher Training. It is undoubtedly a refined and organized program. Highly recommended for anyone looking to discover their inner light.

Michelle Sahlit, Spring 2018 YTT Graduate 

If you are on the path of self-realization and finding the truth and the meaning of life, Christian can help you get there. He is an is an enlightened being, amazing guide and has a beautiful soul.

Dr. Monika Gugale D.D.S, Dentist

Christian is a devoted and compassionate teacher who loves his students. You always leave his class with a new thought or a fresh perspective. I especially enjoy his expanded knowledge and wisdom, as well as his willingness to humbly share with anyone who is curious enough to ask. I would recommend his Yoga Teacher Training to anyone and everyone!

Charlie Robinton, Orvis Manager 

I began my first yoga session at 64 years old... My recommendation for any age; don’t wait for what might seem to be the perfect time. Take on something that will change you, physically, emotionally and spiritually beyond your expectations. Take it on now! You will not regret it!

Marta Jacobs, Yogi Elder

Thank You Christian! Your planning, your flexibility and your overall quality were great!

Hana Owaidat, Engineering Student

Christian's yoga classes are so fun! Since taking his classes, I have incorporated new habits, and found his instruction to be accurate and valuable!

Alicia Ratkovich, Student

Thank you Christian! You opened my eyes into a whole new world! I now have the tools to incorporate calmness, mindfulness and increased mental focus on a daily basis. I would recommend your class and training's to anyone

Paige Ware, Florist 

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