Our Story

YCBC Yoga is made up of truly amazing people, all of whom have dedicated their lives to the message of mindfulness and health through Meditation and Yoga. YCBC is an acronym for 'You Cannot Be Contained'. This is the cornerstone of our conviction for Peace on Earth and Everywhere for All Living Beings. We are a certified Yoga School in Roseville, CA, sharing our practice towards a life lived with joy, gratitude, and a devotion to being present in every moment and every breathe. These pillars of truth ignite and guide our teachings, which are focused on helping our tribe better connect to themselves, their communities, and to the rest of the world.



Your Local Experts



Yoga Instructor

Christian is a California native who has taught over 3000 Yoga Classes, facilitated over 50 Yoga Retreats and spent the last four years working full time teaching Mindfulness and Yoga to Kids.  He currently resides in Roseville, CA studying and practicing Yoga, as well as his love for the martial art of Aikido. His approach to teaching is second to none in his genuine kindness, compassionate understanding and deep meditative knowledge.  What students love most about Christian is that his classes are welcoming for all levels and all ages.


Yoga Instructor - Head of Operations

Mina drives the engine of YCBC Yoga.  Her Aloha Spirit is the fuel we run on! Along with her many talents in business she is also a Professional Hawaiian Hula Dancer and Yoga Instructor.  Her passion for Hula gets passed on weekly through her local Ohana school in Rocklin called 'Kūhai Hālau O Moana Pā 'Ōlapa Kahiko;.  Halau is school, Kūhia Hālau is her hula lineage, (which goes as far back as the Goddess Pele), O Moana means 'of Moana' which is her teacher’s name and Pa Olapa Kahiko means the students of the ancient style.  Mina is a dedicated Mom to her two children and runs three businesses.  Her Hula Ohana would describe her best as one who likes to 'Dance with the waves and move with the sea... One who lets the rhythm of the water set her soul free!'

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Yoga Instructor

Whether you’re looking for a yoga workout or meditative mindful yoga class with an experienced and professional, Alexis is our go-to person for all your Yoga and Mediation needs.  She is a top rated teacher at local studios including Core Power Yoga in Fair Oaks and also is very popular with all age groups. She specializes with our middle school and high school students, offering a variety of mindfulness and mediation techniques to help our kids overcome the extraordinary stressors of todays society.


Yoga Instructor

Gabi is one of our best Yoga and Meditation Instructors.  She has worked at the Boys And Girls Club Association - Vacaville, CA to help improve physical and emotional well-being of the kids. She received her education at Yoga in Wellness in 2018 and has been uplifted students of all ages through yoga asana and meditation technique ever since. Gabi loves to read in her down time and is also a prolific reiki practitioner.



Yoga and Fitness Instructor

Mia is a powerhouse in the Health and Wellness Industry. She is one of those unforgettable human beings, who lives to make others smile and feel good about their bodies. Whether she is teaching Vinyasa Yoga or a Power Fitness Class, you always leave her class uplifted and with that accomplished feeling. Her pure joy and commitment to your experience is what keeps you coming back. Personally, Mia is most free when she is up in the mountains snowboarding. She aspires to hit that perfect mid air flip and land smoothly into Tahoe's white fluffy powder. She also has a passion for green living and our environment. She loves to educate herself and others on living in harmony with the beauty of life that surrounds us. Most of all, Mia wants to see change for the betterment of all humanity.


Yoga Instructor

Ashes went through Christian's Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. She currently teaches yoga Anytime Fitness in Lincoln, Core Power Yoga in Roseville and to our armed forces at Beale Airforce Base.  She comes to YCBC with over 10 years of daily meditative practice. And a deep understatnding of Yoga Anatomy and The Alchemy of Spirit.  Ayuveda, yoga, strongman, nutrition, fitness, art, photography, ecology, cats, silversmithing, geology, forest, tattoos, spirituality... are just a few of her favorite things. In her class you'll here Ashes give reminders to "Pause, breathe and listen." and remind us that "This quite peace is yours regardless of your environment"



Certified Yoga Instructor

Teaching Yoga is one of Toni's greatest passions! She has a lot of experience with children and loves to connect with and teach them. She also loves art. As confirmed by anyone who has seen her art projects, including her own vehicle! She expresses this passion by teaching art classes to home school children and does volunteer art projects with kids both in elementary school and high school.  Toni received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification in July of 2016 in Davis, CA.  She offers private lessons and has taught yoga at CaliRoots - FitFusion in Sacramento, Fitness Systems in Woodland and private group lessons while traveling in Mexico. Toni has a lot of experience with children. From 2010-2013 she spent the summers as a camp counselor for ages 3-7 at the Davis Arts Center and has been teaching Kids Yoga with YCBC Yoga since 2019.   “It is a true dream of mine to pass on my love of yoga to kids in the Sacramento area. I strongly feel that children can greatly benefit from yoga in their life. I took children’s yoga for a few years in elementary school and came back to yoga at the age of 14. As an adolescent, yoga taught me how to connect more to my mind and body in an extremely turbulent time of life. It also taught me to show more kindness and compassion to others. I feel very grateful to pass these lessons onto today’s youth.”


Yoga Instructor

Jaime was certified in 2017, and has taught yoga classes locally at a boxing studio's, universities, elementary schools and assisted at East Wind Yoga Studio.  She is confident and creative in her delivery and always offers a fun and inspiring lesson plan.  When she's not teaching yoga, you can find Jaime entertaining her other passion, flower arranging. "I would describe my class as safe, encouraging, patient and loving."



Yoga Instructor

​Michelle completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program in the Spring of 2018. She found a deep healing through her yoga practice and continues to develop a strong mind, body and soul. Michelle brings a special energy to her students by inspiring them to be mindful in their movement and have proper alignment in their body. She'll encourage them to let go of any tension or blocks built up in their chakra system. Michelle's smile is the key to her approach with her students. Her yoga classes are always filled with joy! And she prides herself on offering plenty of modifications and options to increase or decrease intensity. In her yoga classes you'll always hear her say lovingly to “ remember to honor yourself, clear your mind and be present right here, right now.”