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Mindfulness: Welcome

Social Emotional Learning

YCBC YOGA Programs for Kids include Social Emotional Learning through Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Aikido and Fun!  Children receive enormous benefits from our SEL Programs. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, coordination, strength and body awareness. Mentally, it improves their concentration and sense of calmness. YCBC Yoga partners with Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools to develop Personal Power, Confidence and Joy into the Hearts of our Youth.


Mindfulness Teacher Training

Our Certified Mindfulness Teacher Training Program will help develop your staff into the next level of well-rounded education.  Our professional program is a thorough, and progressive  Teacher Training course that offer an incredible foundation for the tools  and approaches towards schools that captures kids hearts.  We encourage you to follow Your Passion and Discover a New Teacher Inside Them. If Your Intention is to Teach Mindfulness, Deepen Your Current Mindfulness Approach, or Begin a New way with your students, this Training is for You.
Expand Your Mind, Body, and Awareness!
Step out of Your Comfort Zone... Step out of Apathy.
and Step Into You


Family Yoga Night

Our Family Yoga Night is a an addition you can add to any of our School Programs.  This addition gives those at home a chance to come in and participate with their children in a one hour combined yoga class, designed to be fun, uplifting and engage the community as a whole.


Free Intro Session

All sessions at YCBC Yoga adopt an secular approach and our lessons are designed to cater to your class level and ability.  Our approach is to unify your breathe and movement, improve your focus and concentration, and help you and your students regain control of your body and mind.  We are happy to come to your school and offer one free session in mindfulness and yoga so that you can experience first hand the impactful programs we offer!


Team Building: Wim Hof Method 

  1. Cold Therapy

  2. Breathing Techniques

  3. Commitment

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